For all connectivity services, Dataexpert uses BT, an international leading provider in Webfarm services (Inet - Italia). Below are the main data center and interconnection network features. Relying on a major data center means guaranteed immediate responses, and highly specialised technical assistance across all major sectors (networking, firewalling, disaster recovering).


Data Room

  • Total Web Farm surface area: 625 m².

Power Supply

  • 4+1 transformers MT/BT of 800 KVA.
  • 1 back-up generator of 400 KVA and 1 back-up generator of 1200 KVA.
  • 5 uninterruptible power supplies of 200 KVA.
  • 16 battery cabinets (400 batteries).
  • 2 600 KVA CROSS


  • Internal Temperature 20°C - 23°C.
  • 100 internal evaporation units.
  • 20 external condensing units.

Interconnection points with Internet network

  • BT Ignite.
  • Milan Internet eXchange (MIX).
  • GARR.

Login and Assistance Features

  • Connection availability: SLA 99.98%on annual basis with BT (INET).
  • Connection availability: SLA 99.98%on annual basis with BT (INET).


NOC protection (BT - INET)

The NOC (Network Operations Center) is currently directly monitored 11 hours a day (09.00 - 20.00), 7 days a week. When the NOC is not being directly monitored, automatic malfunction detection systems are activated that alert supervisors of any faults.

The problem will be attended to within 30 minutes of the alert being sent. One of the key technical features that guarantees constant availability of essential network services is the use of distributed and restored computing. This solution, rather than using a single server that offers one network service, uses several machines that simultaneously offer services in parallel, so that if one fails, the others carry on as usual and there are no interruptions or discontinuations to the services.

Distributed and restored computing also allows you to continuously improve network performance without having to interrupt or slow down your services. The NOC is protected either by an uninterrupted power supply (Online UPS Systems), or by a generator within the building, which allow the NOC to function in the event of a black out. The servers used for the hosting/housing services are hosted on frameworks installed in an environment that ensure optimal thermal conditions and continuity of power supply. The devices utilise the latest technology and feature state-of-the-art technical characteristics with high performance levels, with architecture that is able to handle large quantities of traffic and guarantees high-level reliability.

These devices are connected to the network via a redundant infrastructure, offering top-level performance with guaranteed service continuity and high-quality standards. The devices offer redundant power supplies and RAID (RAID 1) security levels, and offer a guaranteed bandwidth 99.98% of the time on an annual basis. The web farm is immersed into the interconnection network through interfaces with four international internet networks.

Dedicated cage

Dataexpert BT (INET) server-room technical features

Dedicated Dataexpert 13 m² cage.
DR Site connectivity 100Mbit.
Service connectivity 200Mbit.
Fortinet FortiGate Enterprise Firewall.
SAN Block Level Storage based on Hitachi Storage Cluster.
SQL Database Access based on Microsoft Clustered SQL 2012 Enterprise edition.
Virtual Server based on Vmware Vsphere 5.5 Cluster.
Network Switch based on HP Procurve trunk IFR.