System Integration

Integration between IT systems is a decisive variable for business activities which require the involvement of several different roles, such as suppliers, partners and clients.

Similar advantages are also granted to business activities where interaction between two or more companies or between various specialised software programs that the company uses to operate (ERP, CRM, CMS) is required. In this context, the IT systems used by key players in the operations need to be able to interact seamlessly with one another to enable integrated use and the reporting required (business intelligence).

Less effort and more results

In this case, integrating the platforms of several companies means establishing collaboration between the relative software programs that support company processes which are able to communicate with each other and can be used, if required, in a centralised manner. The operating structure generated by integrating several systems together very often leads to an even more powerful platform which is able to expand the scope of each function, providing an even greater boost to everyday business.

Advantages of System Integration

Integration between several systems provides reach beyond the confines of the company to achieve new levels of optimisation for its own IT resources and those of its partners. Sharing data and resources means having centralised control, not only of the internal dynamics of a company, but also of the procedures in place with suppliers and customers, and on the relative input and output data flows. Productivity and the resulting profits afford well-implemented system integration that allows for a series of different systems to pool resources,maximising the efficiency and stability of inter-company processes.

Hosted Services

Complex software programs increasingly demand greater hardware requirements and complete, upgraded frameworks to be able to operate.
In many cases, these programs can only be used on local systems with the help of external expertise during the configuration phase.

Owing to the number of professionals involved, the hardware required and the need for round-the-clock assistance, choosing local systems proves to be uneconomical and minimally beneficial, even in terms of performance and security. For small and medium-sized enterprises on a low budget, a local system may actually be unaffordable owing to the high installation and maintenance costs.

Dataexpert's professional hosted services allow both SMEs and large-scale companies that want to optimise their IT systems to have access to enhanced technological solutions to be able to start work immediately on secure virtual servers, which come with pre-installed and configured services.


Software that can operate in full efficiency constitutes a crucial variable for the productivity of companies whose business is based on activities managed by computer media. Dataexpert's hosted services afford an architecture that is tried, tested and enhanced on a regular basis so as to reduce the risk of program or hosting website crashes to a minimum.

Skills and expertise

A team of experts takes care of the installation and configuration of the supplementary services that are provided alongside the hosting: the team's work guarantees that clients are provided with a series of services that are always in optimum configuration. Our standards of timeliness also apply when it comes to maintenance, which is scheduled accordingly and on the basis of specific client requirements to ensure that we offer services that consistently perform at optimum levels.

Clockwork-like support

Dataexpert's support service is always on hand to help partners and clients and provides all the necessary assistance required during use of the hosted services.

Savings and enhanced performance

The costs involved in dealing with breakdowns or professional maintenance operations are eradicated, just like the expenses that would be incurred if business were interrupted.

IT Support

Dataexpert's technical support and assistance program covers all the services provided and is based on time-tested models to guarantee the closest proximity possible to the client anywhere in Italy. Every day, Dataexpert follows a specific philosophy to ensure the full efficiency of clients' systems, which entails using more resources designed to prevent critical issues, in turn reducing the risk that these issues may lead to damaging consequences.
Technicians in Dataexpert's IT department are ready to take action remotely or to travel to the client's premises anywhere in Italy to be able to consistently provide the best guarantees of IT system efficiency.

Are you already a client?

Access the client area to request support as part of your maintenance plan.


By relying on expert specialists in the industry, improvisation and variability are no longer viable, instead ensuring scheduled maintenance processes that are chiefly designed to guarantee the full efficiency of the systems installed. Dataexpert's support covers staff training programmes with special refresher sessions and training events aimed at accomplishing specific goals.

Specialist expertise

Dataexpert avails itself of teams of certified individuals and experts, ensuring it is equipped with the right skill-set to tackle any challenge that arises. Solid know-how and specialist expertise make all the difference when it comes to operating on highly technological IT systems which are often customised to suit the client's needs.

Risk reduction

Dataexpert's extensive experience in IT and technological systems for banks, credit institutions, and small and large-scale companies translates into a vast knowledge of operation dynamics and the various issues that may arise. With its IT support services, Dataexpert takes on the role of controlling the risks related to security and loss of efficiency, offering protection for business data and procedures.

A 24-hour help desk

Given that the full efficiency of IT systems is a prerequisite for business, Dataexpert never leaves clients to manage things single-handedly . A support service is available round the clock, ready to diagnose and solve malfunctions, even remotely, before these have a chance to affect productivity. Each client has up to three dedicated channels available through which contact the support service at any time, online, via email or over the phone.