Our DEX CCM SERVICES is a "ready-to-use" service
aimed at creating a full outsourcing of the highest quality suited to
realities not already equipped with CCM in-house platforms and instruments.

Looking for CCM consultancy?

If your company already uses or wants to equip with a CCM In House solution, evaluate our strategic and executive specialist consultancy service.


il servizio PFLOW di Dataexpert permette una gestione integrata di tutti i canali di business
Thanks to consolidated partnerships with the major players in the sector, we are able to handle both digital channels such as e-mail, SMS, social media, website, and physical ones through mass print via press center and mailing integrated into the service. The mailing of physical documents performed through Dataexpert can benefit from a substantial reduction in stamp costs thanks to our postal brokerage, which identifies the best carrier available for each single document (National Post or Post Office) based on destination and type of shipment.

The CCM integrated system of Dataexpert is natively integrated with our P-FLOW platform, already widespread in the Banking and Finance world, ensuring optimal execution of processes such as: approval cycle and proofing, digital and physical archiving, backoffice processes performed by third parties, reporting, timely tracking of the document throughout the entire life cycle.

No cost for license and

Integration with mass printing
and mailing

Reduction of stamp costs through the postal brokerage.

Dataexpert integrated CCM system for a ready-to-use service.

It allows the client to dedicate himself with ease to his core business

Channel diversification with an omnichannel approach